Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yesterday I went to the hospital for a biopsy. Specifically a thyroid biopsy. Even more specifically, a fine-needle aspiration. The procedure was simple enough – a combination of ultrasound images, iodine, freezing, and a fine-needle. It was over quickly with little pain and minimal discomfort. The reason for the biopsy is to discover the nature of a nodule present on my thyroid – whether cystic, cancerous, benign, or otherwise.

The idea of a biopsy suggests cancer and that is the scary part. The thyroid, I have been told, is a finicky gland when it comes to disorders. Nodules can simply be nodules and nothing to be concerned about. Still, the word biopsy stands in the shadow of cancer. The results of the biopsy are two weeks away.

This is not intended to be a follow-my-bout-with-cancer blog. What I want to see in this is the hand of God at work and reflect on His faithfulness. In our almost 27 years of marriage Barb and I have had few serious health issues – a few concerns here and there that have required attention, but nothing life threatening. Our girls too have been healthy – not even any allergies.

On the way to the hospital Barb asked me if I was nervous. My response, which I trust was genuine and not a “man-answer”, was simply, “I have no reason to be.” My desire in all this, no matter what comes, is to not be nervous but confident in the gracious hand of Jesus. I do not intend this to be a simplistic answer to complicated issues. I simply believe Jesus is there to help with the complicated issues.

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