Monday, June 27, 2011

New Kid on the Blog

I am sure that corny line has been used before in the blogosphere, but I thought, “Why not?” Technically I am not a new kid on the blog, but a returning kid. Since my last post was many months ago, it is like starting over. So here I go.

Seven months ago I had surgery for thyroid cancer – a thyroidectomy. Since that time, except for the posts describing my experience in surgery and a turn-of-the-year up-date, I have posted no posts (as you can tell). I tend to be one of those “I have nothing to say” types, so no posts. Barb and others have told me I do have something to say and one avenue for that is the blog. So here I am returning to the keyboard.

My intent over the next few days is to describe my experience of the last few months and then to begin moving forward toward being an old kid on the blog..

So, stay tuned.