Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Elich Experience - 2011

2011 was the year of the shared experience.  

At the beginning of the year the focus was my continuing recovery from November’s thyroid cancer surgery.  In February Barb and I made several trips to Regina for the multi-step treatment culminating in the radioiodine ablation (a radioactive iodine drink designed to destroy any lingering thyroid tissue in my system).  This was followed by three days in quarantine as the radioactivity wore off – an interesting circumstance to say the least.

We learned the cancer experience goes more smoothly when the ups and downs are accepted and shared together.  God proved faithful and we remained joyful and confident under His hand of care.

Judy, Patty, Kathy, April, John, Mary, Steve, Barb

A Grand Summer Vacation

As the summer months progressed, Barb and I spent ten glorious days at Waldport on the Oregon coast.  Blessed with sunny weather for those days, we walked along the beach, explored the sights along the coast, took pictures, played golf, and had a glass blowing lesson at a shop in Newport.  As well, we spent a few days in Portland catching up with family and friends.

Beth and her friend Becky took their Oregon Adventure in April – returning with stories of much food eaten, train trips taken, shops explored, and accounts of time spent on the Oregon coast.

Hannah took her much anticipated summer vacation to visit her friend Michelle in Calgary.   She returned with stories of life in the big city, canoeing on Lake Moraine, shopping and reconnecting.

A Focus on School
Beth began studies in the Fine Arts Dept. at the University of Regina.  She has done well and it has been a delight to see her embrace the opportunities of university and this new phase of her life.  Hannah took on the challenging route of continuing her program by Distance Learning courses through Memorial University.  She spent many days and evenings pouring over textbooks, writing papers and studying for exams.

A Sad Goodbye

In the midst of all this, Penny, our 18 year-old cat, a beloved member of the family, had to be put down.  Age had caught up to her and this was the best option, but it proved to be a sad and emotional experience for us all. 

Good News

In November Barb and I returned to Regina for a series of follow-up tests. In anticipation of this I was required to go off my thyroid hormone medication for the month of October.  This was a month of ups-and-downs in energy, concentration, and emotional levels.  In the end it proved to be worth the experience as we received the news of being cancer free.