Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Year Later

This is my first post in long time. The first since I declared a renewed interest in posting posts. My resolve did not last long. So I am starting over with my fresh start.

Here it is August 31, 2011 - not the official end of summer but pretty close. September means school year, and with that the beginning of the long grind toward next summer. I am sure it will be a profitable and enjoyable grind.

One year ago I was between appointments - waiting to hear from which ever doctor was next on the list - turned out to be Dr. Pillay in Regina. One year ago I was just getting used to being full-time at Briercrest Distance Learning. One year ago I was beginning my role as MDiv program coordinator at Briercrest Seminary - a position I enjoyed, even with a three month interruption. One year ago I had no idea how significant the coming year would be - who does?

One year later,
I am deeply in love with Barb,
I am exceedingly proud of Beth and Hannah,
I am thankful for good health,
I am committed to better health,
I am appropriately sensitive to the word 'cancer',
I am a new Mac user,
I am even more fond of the Oregon Coast,
I am excited about new opportunities for personal growth,
I am open to new areas of professional growth,
I am confident of God's faithfulness in my spiritual growth.

What about the year ahead? In October I will begin a series of follow-up tests to determine the status of my cancer treatment. First on the agenda is an ultrasound on October 25. The rest of the schedule will unfold from there.

So stay tuned.